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One Hour Quilting

Learn how easy it is to quilt on your domestic machine. Cathy will demonstrate basic quilting designs and guide you during this quickie class to help you gain the skill and confidence of free motion quilting. Each class will focus on one specific quilting design. Quilt designs will include traveling leaf vines (perfect for borders!), curlie-Q's, hearts, pebbles, swirls, meandering, stippling, puzzle pieces, flower chain, feathers and much, much more!

Free Motion Quilting

Expand your quilting skills! Cathy will show you one new quilting motif per class. This will build your quilting confidence and skill level. It's only one hour! Come and join us!

Ribbon Embroidery

Let Mary Shey show you how to make this beautiful spring bouquet out of ribbon.

Nov 1
Open Sew
Nov 4
Lori Holt Club
Nov 5
Featherweight Club